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Bahamian Flag - The National Flag of The Bahamas

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The Bahamian National Flag: The colours embodied in the design of the flag of The Bahamas symbolize the image and aspirations of the people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, the design reflects aspects of the natural environment, sun, sand and sea, and the economic and social development. The flag is a black equilateral triangle against the mast, superimposed on a horizontal background made up of two colours on three equal stripes of aquamarine, gold and aquamarine. The symbolism of the flag is as follows: Black, a strong colour, represents the vigour and force of a united people, the triangle pointing towards the body of the flag represents the enterprise and determination of the Bahamian people to develop and possess the rich resources of sun and sea symbolized by gold and aquamarine respectively.


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Pledge Of Allegiance

I Pledge my allegiance to the flag and to
the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
For which it stands,
one people united in love and service.

Political Parties : PLP FNM BDP

The Bahamas are a collection of almost 700 islands and 2,000 islets. As one of the premier tourist destinations in the world, the Bahamas have fabulous beaches, casino gambling and hundreds of secluded vacation hideaways. The capital city is Nassau located on the island of New Providence, the currency is the Bahamian Dollar and the official language is English. Population just over 300,000. ix


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